Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Make Belief VS. Reality
Dina Goldstein is a photographer based in Vancouver. Goldstein has done shoots for magazines and ad agencies around the world. I came across her work and found it inspiring and humours though very thought provoking. Goldstein manages to capture real life issues and turn them into ‘make belief’ somehow.  I have put up some images from Dina Goldstein’s Barbie-Inspired Photographs of a Loveless Marriage called ‘In the Doll House’. There are also images from her Fallen Princess collection alongside a link to the site. Goldstein has found a great platform where we can see and discuss the issues in today’s society as Goldstein manages to mix fairy-tale with reality.

Barbie-Inspired Photographs of a Loveless Marriage

Fallen Princess 


  1. Is this Olivia? Loveee this shoot such a crazy idea! You need to follow my blog, I'm following this one :)


  2. Yes its me lol. Yer I'll try and do that now.